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David’s Voter Guide 2018 General Election

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Oct 29, 2018 - I’m being asked by one too many people my opinion about candidates and measures from here to all over Oregon. Again, this is my opinion only a...

What people are saying about David.

“Oregon is in big trouble in so many ways. We need new blood, new ideas, and a voice for those who can’t fight for themselves. Vote David Molina!” —Judi Foster, Forest Grove resident
"Congratulations on receiving the most votes and accepting the Independent Party's write in nomination for your district in 2018. We look forward to working with you in 2019." —Sal Peralta, Independent Party of Oregon
"I hope you win, I like what you want to do for us." -Jackie Jesse, Cornelius resident
“Way to go! Wish I lived there, so I could vote for you!" —Kelly Kyburz, retired Army Colonel
"This is about integrity, diversity of thought, and commitment to healthy dialogue in the political process. David, you are the perfect guy for this important job." —Bob Shook, Former Chairman, Beaverton School District
“Rooting for you, David!” —Annabel Ortega, Army veteran & small business owner
"I'm here, we may not agree politically but you are my brother! Stay strong, follow your dream, thanks for inspiring me. I know you better than anyone, and respect your hard work and perseverance." —Octaviano Merecias, Forest Grove HS graduate
"David Molina is exactly what our district needs. A champion for the working class in Forest Grove, Cornelius and Hillsboro to represent us in Salem." -Christiana Mayer, wife of Adam Mayer, former State Chair, Libertarian Party, Forest Grove resident
"The Washington County Business Council would like to give you our endorsement in the upcoming election. Best wishes on the campaign." -The WCBC Endorsement Committee
"Keep up the good work! You definitely have our votes. I think, and believe you will do great things for this state." -Amanda Sargeant, Cornelius resident
“We haven’t had representation in western Washington County in Salem. We need David Molina to go down there and help us out." —Bob Terry, Washington County Commissioner
"Oregon Right to Life PAC is proud to endorse David Molina for HD 29. We need more pro-life advocates like David in the Oregon Legislature who will protect innocent life, whether born or unborn." -Lois Anderson, Oregon Right to Life
"David served his country with honor. I've seen firsthand how hard he works to help returning vets transition into the workforce and become the backbone of our community. Oregon desperately needs new common-sense voices like his in the Capitol." -Nathan Dahlin, community member
“We need people like you in office fighting for vets and military.” —Andrea Le-Ann Davis, classmate
“Oregon government has been governed by unions, large corporations and lobbyists for decades. David Molina has the opportunity to be a voice for the forgotten and productive individuals in our state. Let’s support a candidate that will listen and value all Oregonians, not just those politically connected”. -Manuel Castañeda, small business owner
“I would so vote for you if I still lived there. Proud of ya Dave!” —Michelle Davidson, former Army Staff Sgt.
“David, you have our endorsement by the way.” —Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation
"Mr. Molina, I look forward to replacing that Mr. with Representative Molina. I was very impressed with your background, business owner, veteran, OSU grad, and the willingness to run as a Republican. It would be my honor to be included with those endorsing you, and you have my best wishes and prayers for a most successful campaign. PS: While a resident of Forest Grove I was the Crawford in Waltz Sheridan Crawford Insurance." — Doug Crawford, former Forest Grove resident
“Thank you David for your service to our country and for wanting to continue to serve. I wish you the best in your campaign. It is great seeing many veterans continuing to serve after their military service.” —Bob Calvert, Talking With Heroes
“I know Captain Molina personally. We both served on a Staff with high demands and zero tolerance for any variance or mistake in our jobs. He was highly respected for his strength of character and intestinal fortitude. A man of impeccable work ethic, trust worthy and above all loyal to what he commits to. I am far removed from the challenges the constituents of Oregon face but I would challenge each of you to step out of your comfort zone and seriously consider what is at stake.“ —William Couch, retired Army Warrant Officer.
“Thank you David for running. You definitely have my vote.” —Neal Knight, former Cornelius Mayor & small business owner
“I look forward to having David Molina in the Oregon House of Representatives representing western Washington County. As a small business owner, I know he understands the challenges so many small business owners face. So many small business owners need relief from the high taxes and regulations coming out of Salem.” —Bruce Starr, former State Senator & small business owner
“Go David!” —Ben Schimmoller, PCP
“Small business owner. Created jobs for veterans. David Molina is the one we need.” —Ron Noble, State Rep & former police chief

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