Interview: State Representative Bill Post interviews David Molina who’s running to represent Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro as State Representative

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Bill Post interviews David Molina running for State Representative House District 29

DAVID MOLINA FOR OREGON CAMPAIGN Tuesday, September 26, 2017

KEIZER, Ore. – Today, Bill Post, an American politician, military brat and conservative talk radio personality interviewed former Army Captain David Molina who’s running for Oregon House District 29, which includes Forest Grove, Cornelius, downtown Hillsboro through Brookwood. The district is currently being held by four-term Metro Councilor Susan McClain. The radio talk show runs weekdays 6am-9am PT on AM 1220 KPJC or online at

Despite Oregon’s General election still over a year away, Tuesday’s radio interview on The Bill Post Radio Show kicked off before sunrise with Bill asking David on his personal story and why he’s running.

The 15-minute interview highlighted David’s thoughts on the lack of Republican voter registration advantage, the Right to bear Arms, Minimum Wage hike, military service, and what type of leadership Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro residents deserve in Salem.

Listen to the whole show, or jump to 26:00/27:00 for David’s interview on The Bill Post Radio Show.

David shared his upbringing both in Hood River, and in Mount Vernon, Wash., growing up working in agriculture with his family. David talked about family values and importance of hard work and working your way up step-by-step with new technical skills and increased responsibility. He talked about NAFTA and the impact it had on his family when the plants, and manufacturing where he was raised shut down and moved outside the state, and the country, and the negative impact that had on wages and job security.

David touched on his service to country and what he did in the Army, and that critical moment when he couldn’t use his GI Bill education benefits to get the in-demand technical training for a successful career transition.

“I grew up in a time where we worked in the fields and striving to the next step. We actually worked for the next step, that sense of moving up the ladder... it is just not handed to you.”

Through the interview, Bill asked David on his views on 2nd Amendment and the Right to bear Arms. David’s response: not to be touched. Once government starts taking things from you, it will. David touched on the legislative need to use the right tool to solve the problem not taking an axe as was voted on by the current occupant of the seat. David also touched on Oregon’s Minimum Wage hike, and the ripple impact and long-term mandated consequences it’s going to have on business owners and communities.

On The Bill Post Radio Show, David shared his views on the need for Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro to have an strong and common sense voice in Salem to ensure rural and farming towns have a seat at the table when important decisions are being made.”

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