Endorsement: David Molina Earns Independent Party Nomination

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David Molina, candidate for House District 29 earns the most votes and accepts the Independent Party's write-in nomination

FOREST GROVE, Ore. - Today, David Molina, candidate for House District 29 won the Independent Party nomination on write-in votes, 65 to 40. “Every Independent I met across the district wants the same thing: vocational training education for our young men and women, limiting Oregon’s out-of-control spending, transparency in Oregon government, and more emphasis on small businesses,” said David Molina. “We need to streamline education and training so that our youth don’t have to dive head first into debt before earning their first dollar. And, we need to lower the personal income tax so that folks can keep more of their hard earned monies, especially students and new business owners.”

According to David Molina, “Taxation has reached all time high, and this has got to stop. Members of our community can’t afford it any longer, and Oregon must begin to live within its means.” David Molina looks forward to hearing from all Independents on the campaign trail to ensure their voices are heard, understood and acted upon.

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