Letter to the Editor: David vs Goliath

1 minute read

We all know the story of young David set up against the Philistine’s Goliath, a giant of a man with years of experience on the battlefield. What is sometimes missed in that story is the conditions set from Goliath. Goliath’s condition was that the losing nation (thinking he’d win) would be subjugated or placed in bondage, subservient to their rule by the winners. (see 1 Sam 17:9).

We have a similar battle in Washington County. A David Molina verses a life long goliath politician. A career politician with thousands of Special Interest money and out of touch. Her Party has produced a lot of bad public policy; wildlife & forest mismanagement, failing PERS, failing foster system, tax system, and education outcomes. She wants to continue to have all of us service the State and place us MORE under the bondage of Salem & its regulations with more bad ideas; tolling roads, anti-gun policy, anti-housing policy.

But we have a champion in David Molina, small businessman, Army veteran, and father of 3 little girls. He believes in the individual and he knows how to fight. I believe he can win, just like David of Old. A Latino raised in Oregon to a poor working family. David knows struggle and has experienced it. He said he can no longer sit idly by while Salem’s one Party rule continues to harm our State. He can no longer watch while Salem continues to waste money, fight citizens’ Civil Rights and hamper small business growth. I am convinced that David Molina can keep us out of bondage and tell Salem that we our Citizens NOT subjects.

My vote is for David here in the 29th HD. I am just one rock and one vote. But my belief is you can be too.

Ben, Resident of Forest Grove