David’s Voter Guide 2018 General Election

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This “guide” is a free service to folks who are all asking me for my opinion on X, Y and Z candidates and measures here in the area. Keep in my mind: this guide is entirely my opinion and probably will differ from yours. Use this guide with a grain of salt.

Also, keep in mind that I have lived all over the country while serving in uniform, traveled down south for work and pleasure, and seen a few things. And, lastly remember what Benjamin Franklin said to the anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when asked, what had been produced after the 1787 Constitutional Convention deliberations, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

This /voters-guide was inspired by Rep. Bill Post and his voters guide. Update October 31, 2018.

Lastly, in reference to 2A, referring to the Second Amendment. What is it you ask? Our God given right enshrined in our U.S. Constitution to bear arms and protect ourselves, our families and property against government tyranny. You ask that won’t happen. Consider this: the last time Americans were asked by a government to put down their arms we shot them. Also consider this: the places around the world that are falling apart and folks are leaving because of government tyranny they don’t have the 2A. So let’s proceed.

Congress US Representative, 1st District

  • This district is currently represented by Rep. Suzanne Bonamici, a lifelong career politician that got her start in the Oregon legislature. I live in the 1st Congressional District and was astounded she voted against President Trump’s tax cuts for the middle class and her effectiveness in a Republican-controlled House and effect any real change for the people of Oregon. Her challenger is John Verbeek, a native of Netherlands with a background in finances, I’ve met John numerous times and strikes me as a man of integrity, and keen interest on constitutional rights. He knows it inside out. My vote is for John because I think he can get more done in D.C. than Bonamici for the district.


  • I’ve met both Democrat Governor Kate Brown and her Republican challenger, Dr. Knute Buehler on several occasions. Knute actually came to my Primary Kick-Off in Cornelius, and we’ve met numerous times on the campaign trail and heard him speak. The guy is passionate. Cares and wants to take on the hardest problems facing Oregonians. His money quote, “I won’t sign a single spending bill until I get a PERS reform bill on my desk” strikes me as the most profound impact for current and future generations any governor can make. We know Brown has failed miserably on this front, from government transparency to leadership on forest management, to tax cuts for small business owners, and, from foster care to gross mismanagement at DHS Child Welfare. While I don’t agree 100% with Knute (probably around 80%) by far more than Brown. Without hesitation, urging a resounding vote for Knute to lead all of Oregon, not just Portland-metro, and bring fiscal sanity to our beloved state. And, if you’ve already voted Independent, you know what to do.

Now, let me say something about both chambers of the state legislature and where we are at. The Democrat Party is 1 vote shy of a super majority in the House (35-25), and almost the Senate (17-13). Read that again. 1. If the Democrats can unseat Rep. Julie Parish which is their prized possession seat with hundreds of thousands pouring in from out-of-state, Republicans will have lost someone wicked smart in the House and it’s game over, ex. uncapped property taxes, rise in taxes (oddly they call it fees & permits). No competition will equal more sad legislation and more gridlock. Thus, we need a balanced legislature and elect some smart folks with a diversity of backgrounds, independence into both chambers. Some seats are uncontested, but still shared my thoughts. Without further ado:

State Representative, 1st district

  • This district on the southern Oregon coast by Brookings is represented by David Brock Smith. We’ve met numerous times, including The Dorchester Conference. An early supporter of my campaign, he’s provided numerous campaign advice over the months. Down to earth, a stud, and hard worker. See his FB page for photos of committee meetings. I wish more elected officials did this. He’s uncontested for a reason. He gets things done for the people there. Urge a vote for David.

State Representative, 2nd district

  • This seat in southern Oregon off I-5 S. Roseburg, Myrtle Creek area is held by Rep. Greg Leif. He’s being challenged by Megan Salter. Leif is a straight shooter. Doesn’t walk on egg shells. Just saw him up here for a gathering and he’s a standup guy. We need more elected officials like Leif, not folks that will beat around the bush and won’t stand up to powerful special interests. Urging a vote for Leif to continue the good fight for rural southern Oregon.

State Representative, 3rd district

  • This Southern Oregon seat stretching from Grants Pass to Kerby is represented by Rep. Carl Wilson. If you’ve ever met Wilson you’ll know why. Smart. Cunning ability to say it how it is. Perfect for the district. Without hesitation Wilson for HD-3.

State Representative, 4th district

  • Rep. Duane Stark ladies and gentlemen. With an A-rating from the Oregon Firearms Federation, also a straight shooter, he’s uncontested. Again because Stark gets it done for the people in his district that stretches from Grants Pass to Central Point off I-5.

State Representative, 5th district

  • This seat held by Democrat Pam Marsh is in the Ashland area, huge areas rural and then Ashland. Anyone been down there? Hugely Democrat in the city, and surrounded by conservatives, conservatives are outnumbered. Sound familiar? Right. Marsh is being challenged by Sandra Abercombie. Urging a vote for Abercombie who’s a far better fit for the entire district, pro-2A (refer to Second Amendment paragraph top line), and not just those in the city.

State Representative, 6th district

  • The two ladies running for this seat off I-5 that includes Medford and surrounding areas is Michelle Blum Atkinson and Kim Wallan. Both are incredibly smart. Both have done and accomplished so much for the folks in that area. Wallan’s positions several issues, especially around forest resilience tells me she is keen on jobs, our health. Urge a vote for Wallan so we can have a voice on forest resilience in Salem. Lungs depend on it.

State Representative, 7th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Cedric Hayden, also off I-5 and stretching between Cottage Grove to Roseburg and surrounding areas. A staunch 2A advocate in the Oregon legislature. Founder of a nonprofit. Small business owner in contracting. We need more Hayden’s there to stand up to Portland’s powerful elite. He’s being challenged by Christy Inskip who’s backed by powerful special interest from Portland. Urging a resounding vote for Hayden to do what is right for the 7th district.

State Representative, 8th district

  • Rep. Paul Holvey is the lone candidate here. Uncontested. He got an F-rating from the state’s leading 2A organization. Why no pro-2A, pro-business and pro-life candidate challenged Holvey for this seat? He’s the labor union’s go-to-guy having been in it in a prior life and knows these issues inside out.

State Representative, 9th district

  • This is probably the most watched race in Oregon, or second, or third after Parish and Chavez-DeRemer. This seat on the central coast stretching from Coos Bay to Florence and surrounding areas is currently held by Caddy McKeown. She’s being re-challenged by Teri Grier. She’s pro-business, pro-life and pro-2A and very tall, but unassuming. I’ve met her numerous times on the campaign trail and her love for the people in her community is inspiring. Her team made campaign team shirts and that guy that lost in central Oregon by two votes is her campaign manager. Urging a vote for Grier, not because she’s taller. Not because she just wants to give you a hug when you meet her. But because she’s down to earth, listens, and the right person for the district and her experience nationally can give our Oregon coast much needed attention.

State Representative, 10th district

  • This seat is currently held by David Gomberg. He failed the 2A test. By more than a long shot. But his can do spirit, business owner and ability to earn endorsements from all parties in the last go around is impressive. The challenger running for this seat is Thomas Donohue. He’s like a grandfather, old school, and while quiet, he made headlines. Urge a vote for Gomberg who knows a thing or two about businesses and employing folks.

State Representative, 11th district

  • This seat off I-5 that stretches from the northern edges of Eugene to the southern edges of Lebanon and surrounding rural areas is an open seat with two individuals running: Mark Herbert, and Marty Wilde. Both strike me as independent thinkers, smart and capable, and if I lived there I’d probably go for Wilde. Read his background. Air Force colonel with a ton of local city work. Impressive. Those skills are useful in the state legislature.

State Representative, 12th district

  • Rep. John Lively represents this area that includes Springfield areas. He failed the 2A test, he’s uncontested which tells me all sides agree Lively is the right fit for the district.

State Representative, 13th district

  • I’ve known Rep. Nancy Nathanson since 2009 during my time as Committee Administrator on the House Committee on Veterans & Emergency Services. A representative for the northern Eugene area she moved a few bills on veterans and was very thoughtful in our meetings. She’s methodical, quiet and a moderate. I sure wish she and many moderates stood up to the far left in her party, but then if they did they might see themselves to the door like the good Senator from East Portland that just got taken out. On second thoughts, urge a vote for Nathanson to continue and at least attempt to bring folks to the middle.

State Representative, 14th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Julie Fahey includes West Eugene, Bethel, and Junction City. Fahey is being challenged by Rich Cunningham. I’ve never met either of them and both seem to fail the 2A test. Fahey will most likely get it. Cunningham has a ton of solid points and his love for ensuring kids are a priority not just an issue is incredible. His passion to build that area up is inspiring. Urge a vote for Cunningham. He’s beyond driven on creating jobs and business incentives to these areas.

State Representative, 15th district

  • This seat has several running for it. I’ve met Shelly Boshart Davis. She’s a hard worker and represents these communities well. Pro-2A. Pro-business. It’s exactly what the people want. She’s being challenged by both an Independent and Democrat who both failed to answer simple questions on our God given right to protect ourselves. That’s telling. I wouldn’t want my representative to keep secrets from me either. Urging a resounding vote for Davis to fight the good fight for the people of Albany and surrounding areas.

State Representative, 16th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Dan Rayfield includes a wide swath of Corvallis (west side). He’s anti-2A. Lawyer by trade. Tons of community experience. As an OSU alum, I’d be proud to have this guy as my rep.

State Representative, 17th district

  • This seat is held by Rep. Sherrie Sprenger who’s staunchly pro-2A, pro-business and pro-life. She’s being challenged by Renee Windsor-White, someone that’s none of the above. Urging a vote for Sprenger to continue to bring common sense to the Salem capitol where it’s lacking the majority of times.

State Representative, 18th district

  • I’ve met Rep. Rick Lewis a number of times. Another straight shooter. Says it how it is. His background in law enforcement, support of the 2A comes in handy in the legislature. His opponent is Barry Shapiro. While he’d be great for school board, not sure all his experiences compare to a lifetime of services in Lewis. Urge a vote for Lewis to stand up for what is right in that area.

State Representative, 19th district

  • I’ve met Rep. Denyc Nicole Boles numerous times. How she keeps the family business, a large family, and fight for the people of Salem is impressive. I love her passion on working to cut wasteful government spending so we can direct those funds to the classroom, tax breaks for small business, you name it. Boles is an impressive legislator. Her challenger Mike Ellison is a nonstarter. Unimpressive and failed to respond to some of the most important surveys, questionnaires to candidates. Urging a resounding vote for Boles.

State Representative, 20th district

  • The incumbent here is Rep. Paul Evans. Running against him is Selma Pierce. Evans I knew from my time in the ‘09 legislative sessions when he worked for Governor Ted Kulongoski as his Military/ Veterans Policy Advisor. He’s articulate. A former Air National Guard officer. Methodical. He comes out swinging as an Independent in many ways even in a party too left. Pierce was not my first pick in the primary’s. A young man named Kevin Chambers was. I find Pierce wicked smart, unassuming, extremely curious and passionate about many issues her biggest assets. Super involved statewide. In one conversation, we went pretty deep on vocational training and she wanted to know the nuts & bolts of my lessons learned tackling this VA red tape. I found that impressive. Very much so. While I should be going for Evans, I lean towards Pierce on this one. Not because her husband is a former gubernatorial candidate in Bud Pierce, not because I sat at her table at the Oregon League of Minority Voters, but because she cares about many Salem issues and it shows when you knock on that many doors.

State Representative, 21st district

  • The incumbent here is Rep. Brian Clem and the district also includes Salem areas. I had a chance to work with Clem in the ‘09 session and amazingly still there. Why? He’s a no BS kinda guy. We actually don’t agree 100%, especially around the 2A, but frankly we need more Clem’s in the state house. I think he does his best to pull the far left in his party to the center. I’ve met Jack Esp before. Urging a vote for Clem to continue to bring the left to the center and continue to bring more thoughtful legislation forward.

State Representative, 22nd district

  • I know Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon before she was a legislator. For years. Our family attended her campaign launch at PCUN’s headquarters in Woodburn and was quite proud of her. While we know a $500 check doesn’t guarantee anything I believed she’d bring her expertise in GED education, and higher education to the capitol. So many in Woodburn were looking for an independent-minded person to tackle the biggest challenges facing the state, Woodburn area. Instead Alonso Leon has veered also too far to the left through all those special interest dollars and it blows. Her opponent, a former school board member in Marty Heyen is a breath of fresh air. She’s no holds barred and will tell you how it is. You need someone like that from Woodburn. Expected independence in Alonso Leon, didn’t get it, and urging a vote for Heyen to represent the good people of Woodburn and surrounding areas and standing up for what is right for those families there.

State Representative, 23rd district

  • This seat currently held by Mike Nearman includes Dallas, Jefferson and Dayton areas. I’ve met Mike numerous times. Pro-life. Pro-2A and unassuming he’ll stand his ground for what is right. His opponent, Danny Jaffer, a Navy veteran and I met at an Oregon’s veterans candidate training. Nice guy. Love his courage and his stamina to keep pushing for change. He cares. I just don’t think he’d keep his independence that makes these rural areas unique against Portland’s liberal elite that rule the roost. Urging a resounding vote for Nearman (you also get his wife Debora) to return to Salem and continue to fight the good fight.

State Representative, 24th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Ron Noble includes McMinnville, surrounding areas and butts right up against the south side of Hillsboro and Cornelius (District 29). A former Chief of Police, and mentor in my campaign we actually differ on various policy positions. And, I understand. But he’s a hard worker, independent, and cares about improving the lives in his community. Perfect for the district. Urging a resounding vote for Noble who work across party lines.

State Representative, 25th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Bill Post, includes Keizer, St. Paul and Newberg. Yes, that Bill Post. He’s being challenged by Dave McCall who’s anti-2A. That should matter. But what matters more is the ability to speak truth to power and stand up for the little guy. I’m urging a resounding vote for Post, not because he was generous and interviewing me when I launched my campaign, not because his radio show, or his tweets, but his awesome ability in communicating to his constituents on Facebook and rallying conservatives across Oregon, but because you need someone unafraid. Post is unafraid of anyone. You need that in Salem without hesitation.

State Representative, 26th district

  • In this seat, Rep. Rich Vial is being challenged by Courtney Neron. I don’t know Neron at all. I’ve met Vial on numerous occasions and find him very thoughtful. Independent. And, while he was challenged in the primaries by a much more conservative candidate, he held his own. The right fit for the district. He veers to the middle on so many issues, including the 2A, but his stance on protecting farmland and holding government accountable to wasteful spending I’m all for it. A small business owner, urging without hesitation a resounding vote for Vial to continue where he left off and work to bring the left to the middle.

State Representative, 27th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Sheri Malstrom is in the Portland-metro area. Includes some rural areas, farmland. Malstrom I’ve never heard of until now. I’ve met her challenger in Independent nominee, Brian Pierson. A standup guy that went through West Point. Pro-business and have run into each other at numerous business meetings. I think electing an Independent for this district would be a breadth of fresh air. Urging a vote for Pierson.

State Representative, 28th district

  • This seat held by former cop is Rep. Jeff Barker. I met him back in the ‘09 session and came across, even recently as pro-2A. Sad part is Portland’s left is too powerful and taught him an lesson in carrying to the floor an anti-2A bill. Against his own will. That alone should be striking to anyone who lives in/near Beaverton. I wouldn’t vote for someone that doesn’t stand on principal. I wish my friend Manuel Castañeda, a symbol of the American dream, would run against this guy again, but I’m afraid he won’t. And, until Barker retires (again) I’m afraid the folks here get what they get.

State Representative, 29th district

  • I like that David Molina guy. He’s going up against a 20+ year career politician (METRO and legislature) with major pockets in Planned Parenthood, Trial Lawyers, Public Unions and every powerful Portland special interest in the books. Four years ago attorney Mark Richman lost by 2,000ish votes. Two year ago wine maker Juanita Lint lost by 4,000ish votes. No easy feat by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s time to send the 20 year incumbent packing and send this former Army captain, entrepreneur to the Salem capitol.

State Representative, 30th district

  • I’ve met Rep. Janeen Sollman on many occasions and debates. Nice lady. And, also met Dorothy Merritt, a former real estate agent and someone that rolled up her sleeves since day one on the campaign trail. Merritt is pro-business, pro-2A and pro-life and her lifetime of experiences come in handy in Oregon, especially at a time with so much division. Recommend a vote in Merritt’s favor.

State Representative, 31st district

  • Rep. Brad Witt styles himself for working class families. Guess what, those of us who work for a living overtime is a precious thing. In the last session, Witt fought his own party against the 55-hour limit mandate. Guess what? In the end he caved into Speaker Tina Kotek, voting for it. Ticked every business owner, entrepreneur and many working class families off. Oregon doesn’t need to put limitations on it’s people. None. If you’ve not met his opponent Brian Stout, a small business owner with an insatiable appetite for hustle, you need to. He’s pro-business and I’d be voting for Stout all the way if I lived in his district. He will stand up for working class families. Why? Because I don’t believe he’d ever forget where he came from.

State Representative, 32nd district

  • This seat that stretches from the northern Oregon coast to literally next door Forest Grove is an open seat with several folks running for it. Out of all the candidates I’ve only met Vineeta Lower, who immigrated from India when she was young. She’s different. Not because where she’s originally from but because in every instance we’ve sat next to each other in candidate trainings, she’s asked numerous questions. Some of these I think she asked because she wants to make sure the rest of us are tracking. Her background teaching at a virtual public school is interesting and comes in handy as one of very few people in the legislature who’d have first hand experience in this new way of learning. Strikes me as an independent thinker and if I lived on the coast I’d be voting for Lower.

State Representative, 33rd district

  • Rep. Mitch Greenlick is still in office. He was there when I worked in the state legislature in 2009. That’s a very long time. His competitor is a fresh face in Elizabeth Reye who studied neuroscience at Johns Hopkins. She has the cunning ability to cut through fog and speak through Oregon issues and she’s never held public office. Think about that. She’s a mom of a special needs girl and I don’t know someone who’s currently in public office, or running that I think would implement evidence-based approaches more in the legislation. I urge a vote for Elizabeth Reye and put her Johns Hopkins training to work at the capitol.

State Representative, 34th district

  • This seat is currently held by Rep. Ken Helm. We’ve never met. But if you’ve been privileged to meet his opponent, Michael Ngo, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. An son of immigrants from Vietnam, he’s bright, young, energetic, idealists, great listener and an avid reader in innovation and entrepreneurship. We’ve had numerous conversations since I launched my campaign. Ngo is the real deal. Just read through his Abigail Adams responses. He’s pretty transparent and it’s refreshing.

State Representative, 35th district

  • Rep. Margaret Doherty holds this seat which borders next to Portland. Oddly, you’d think she’d be outraged on tolling our highways. But she’s not. Leaves me wondering what side she’s on. Her opponent is a wicked smart innovator named Bob Niemeyer, who holds a degree in mechanical engineering. Just follow his Facebook page and you’ll see what I mean. The guy can hold his own on tolling and why it’s very bad. For those of us who’ve ever lived on the east coast, or traveled through Mexico, you’ll see why tolling is the worst thing for working families. Niemeyer has risen to become a subject matter expert on tolling, and has some great Constitutional amendment proposals. I’d strongly recommend the people of Tigard and the surrounding areas vote Niemeyer in. Like yesterday.

State Representative, 36th district

  • This seat encompassing SW Portland and downtown is currently held by Rep. Jennifer Williamson, a high ranking Democrat. Given how much business is here, I wish a pro-business candidate had run. Maybe in the future an Independent, small business owner will run here. But going up against trial lawyers is no easy task. None.

State Representative, 37th district

  • This seat is currently held by Rep. Julie Parrish and she’s got an opponent who’s out-of-state money is trying to buy a local West Linn/ Tualatin Valley seat. I’ve heard Parrish, whose husband served in the Oregon National Guard, speak on panels and in debates and let me tell you. She’s super smart and stands up to the powers to be. It’s admirable. She knows more about Oregon’s failed healthcare system anywhere in office. Without hesitation Parrish for HD-37 to continue to stand up for what is right and cut across party lines to deliver the services.

State Representative, 38th district

  • Rep. Andrea Salinas holds this seat and encompasses Lake Oswego. She sorely lacks vision for this area and was astounded she didn’t stand up to Governor Brown on those Republican tax cuts. Those cuts to Oregon families and businesses is wrong. I’ve met her opponent Christine Drazan numerous times and strikes me as diligent, thoughtful and someone that will hold government accountable to the public they serve. I’d urge a vote for Drazan in the 38th district without hestitation.

State Representative, 39th district

  • This seat that stretches from Canby to Estacada is held by Rep. Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey. I don’t know her, but appreciate her standing up to METRO to stay out of that area, and her position on preserving farmland. As a former migrant farmworker and farmhand, this is awesome in my book, and would vote for her in a heartbeat if I lived there.

State Representative, 40th district

  • This seat encompassing Oregon City is not even close. If you’ve not met Josh Hill, he’s an impressive young man. He had a very tough upbringing, and despite that adapted and overcame. Hill is a go getter. Energetic. Passionate about fixing problems facing this area. A college football start, a small business background is even more awesome, but his optimism is the key driver. We need someone with Hill’s optimism down in Salem hands down.

State Representative, 41th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Karin Power encompasses Portland’s Oak Grove up to Sellwood and over to Eastmoreland and part of Brentwood-Darlington area. A lawyer by trade from Boston, no one filed this time around. In the last election she received nearly 3/4 of the vote. Would be nice if a moderate Democrat, Independent had. Especially someone from the working class and part of the government have nots.

State Representative, 42nd district

  • This seat held by Rep. Rob Nosse is running uncontested and represents inner SE and NE Portland. A lobbyist by trade, no one filed. Would be nice if a moderate Democrat, Independent had. Especially someone working class and not a lobbyist. Speaking of which, what’s with so many lobbyists, lawyers and political hacks serving as citizen-legislators? Now you see my point.

State Representative, 43rd district

  • This seat held by Rep. Tawna Sanchez is running uncontested and represents inner NE Portland. Again, another safe Liberal Democrat seat, but she’s right for the district. An impressive background and from what I’ve seen passionate about helping working class families, those being left behind. I recognize the organizations she’s led and worked with. We’ve never met, but have mutual friends, and I think people in that area are well served by someone of her caliber and can do spirit.

State Representative, 44th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Tina Kotek, and Speaker of the House, is running uncontested and also represents inner NE Portland. We both worked together when I served on the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs years ago and find her passion, vigor uncontested. I so wished she’d fight more for government transparency, but in a very relatively safe seat it’s hard to be pushed to the middle, and held to account.

State Representative, 45th district

  • This seat held by Rep. Barbara Smith Warner is running uncontested and also represents northeast Portland, Maywood Park and Parkrose. I like her passion around making community college more affordable and increasing access to apprenticeship programs. But how hard is it to find $70m to double career-technical education (CTE) in our community colleges? Apparently impossible. Was dismayed she didn’t stand up to Governor Brown on the Republican tax cuts to Oregon small family businesses. I have tons of friends who live in this area and would love to see someone run and actually fight for small businesses in this area, and stand up to tolling.

State Representative, 46th district

  • I used to live in this district and still have friends that do. Currently held by Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer. She’s very nice. Thoughtful. Her positions on creating Oregon’s world-class public education system to prepare our youth for a vibrant future is commendable, as well as her vision and passion for Portland’s working class. A go-getter, perfect for the district.

State Representative, 47th district

  • I’ve known Rep. Diego Hernandez for years. In my late-20s, I recruited him to the Governor’s Commission on Hispanic Affairs when I represented small business owners and on my way out, attended house parties with him, and went to his mom’s house for his campaign launch when he first put his name in the hat to run for the legislature. Hernandez came out swinging when he first launched, and even defended his own when he was accused of sexual harassment in his first term. His record accomplishments amounts to ethnic studies in our high schools. Right. He’s got prior nonprofit management experience. But I’d really wish he’d regain that original vigor when he first announced: to fight for the most disadvantaged in our communities. That means everyone. I don’t expect him to start standing up to his own party. It’s sad. I wish he did, but then he’d be quickly shown the door. I wish another Hispanic candidate that’s pro-business, independent and CTE-focused would run in this area. That voice is badly needed in the district. So many youth being left behind.

State Representative, 48th district

  • This area cuts right through I-205 in SE Portland and represented by Rep. Jeff Reardon. He’s pushed hard for an emphasis on CTE. This is huge in my book. His opponent, George “Sonny” Yellott, a fellow Republican was asked to withdraw from the race after posting an image of President Obama with a noose around his neck. When you Google, I can’t even find his website. For this, and many reasons, I’d vote for Reardon, and hope he can stay focused on CTE and bringing about more job & training opportunities for the folks in his district. I’d be co-sponsoring legislation in CTE alongside him if I served with him. He gets CTE. And, CTE in the phase of ballooning tuition coupled with high trade demand is where it’s at.

State Representative, 49th district

  • I used to live out this way after my first military mobilization. Currently, Rep. Chris Gorsek represents this area that encompasses Troutdale, Fairview, Wood Village, Blue Lake areas. Super nice area and have lots of friends that live that way. Heavily becoming more diverse and you’d think someone of his caliber would be cognizant of that. Well he put out a very racist mailer against his opponent and my friend Justin Hwang who immigrated from South Korea. A fierce symbol of the American dream, he’s worked his way up and runs a business that employs over 1,000 folks, from full-time to part-time, seasonal and temporary, college students, you name it. Hwang can be mistaken for a teenager, but make no mistake. While he’s young, he’s super smart and can hold his own. He already has proven that. I’m urging a resounding vote for Justin Hwang and see someone rising through the Oregon ranks to ensure everyone can reach the American dream.

State Representative, 50th district

  • This area encompassing Gresham is represented by Carla Piluso, a former cop and chief of police. I knew her predecessor, Greg Matthews, who came from a fire fighter background. Running uncontested, not much anyone can do. But given her background in law enforcement, I’d like to see Piluso one day represent on the Multnomah County Board of County Commissioners and push for more youth programs, job training and revitalization of Rockwood areas. In the future, Chair so that we can finally take care of east Portland, and give more young people options that way.

State Representative, 51st district

  • I have friends and family out towards Happy Valley. Currently, represented by Janelle Bynum. We’ve never met. But I have met on numerous, numerous occasions Happy Valley Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer. Chavez-DeRemer was recently named a rising Hispanic star in the Republican Party and ran for this seat last time and lost by a few hundred votes. Yes, a few hundred. This race is being watched statewide. Not because you have two very bright and accomplished women running, but because of the stark positions each have on housing, jobs and education for this rapidly changing area. Urging a resounding vote for the Happy Valley Mayor Lori Chavez-DeRemer to bring her executive experience to Salem.

State Representative, 52nd district

  • Rep. Jeff Helfrich represents the area where I grew up as a young kid, and born. Helfrich is a public servant at heart. He’s risen through the ranks as an Air Force veteran, a policy officer, a city councilor and now as a legislator for one of the most pristine areas in our state that stretches from Sandy to Hood River and Mt. Hood areas. As candidates we’ve been in trainings and find him down to earth, independent and focused on cutting through Salem’s bureaucracy to get things done. I appreciated he expedited Eagle Creek Fire recovery training and equipment. His opponent, Anna Williams, is backed by Oregon’s most powerful special interests, mostly based in downtown Portland. Right. That’s all you need to know.

State Representative, 53rd district

  • This is an open seat vacated by Republican Gene Whisnant that includes Sunriver areas (except Bend) with Eileen Kiely, and Jack Zika running for it. Both are accomplished. Kiely is a former Naval officer with a financial background. If she gets in I hope she’ll lead the charge on government accountability and balancing the state budget. I like her thoughts around modernizing the infrastructure for the 21st century, including internet companies. Quite a few friends live out this way and work remotely and love the area. I’ve met Zika a few times, and find him level headed and focused on the right issues, including wasteful spending, housing costs and PERS reform. His background on the Redmond Planning Commission and as a real estate agent comes in handy for fixing this problem that is effecting seniors and low income folks. While Zika wasn’t my first pick in the primary (I was rooting for Ben Schimmoller) I’m urging a vote for Zika because I think his expertise in the housing field will come in handy on those Oregon legislative committees.

State Representative, 54th district

  • This is an open seat vacated by Republican Knute Buehler who’s running for the governorship and who I’m backing. The two running for the Bend seat is Nathan Boddie, and Cheri Helt. This is the seat that is probably the Democrats biggest headache: from, sexual harassment charges against Boddie, to Amanda La Bell’s false statements in her Voters’ Pamphlet statement. Dems have a major numbers lead in Bend and Boddie has stayed in the race. Both are passionate, but Helt, a small business owner is well versed on education policies (school board) and her position on championing 100 percent funding for CTE is exciting and fixing the pension system, redirecting dollars back to classrooms. Urging a vote for Helt without hesitation.

State Representative, 55th district

  • This rural district that stretches from Prineville to Crater Lake and Upper Klamath Lake is represented by Rep. Mike McLane. We both went to Oregon State University and have met numerous times. He’s visited us in western Washington County and as the Minority Leader is our state’s most fervent champion to get Republicans elected. He’s served our country as an officer in the Oregon Air National Guard. An attorney. A former CEO of a children’s publishing company. McLane is smart and very awesome gets both rural and agriculture. Urging a resounding vote for Mike to continue in the Oregon legislature to champion rural Oregon.

State Representative, 56th district

  • This rural district in the Klamath Falls area, including Merrill, Malin, Keno, Bonanza and Lakeview is represented by E. Werner Reschke. I’ve met Werner numerous times and if you want a champion, look no further. This guy will say it how it is, and when you look at his record you’ll see quickly he fights for these communities hands down. His website is impressive amongst most, if not all lawmakers. Read it for yourself. You want someone like Werner fighting for you in your corner. Urging a resounding vote for Werner to represent.

State Representative, 57th district

  • This rural area in eastern Oregon encompassing Hermiston, Heppner’s area is massive. It’s currently represented by Greg Smith, a very accomplished individual with a ton of local community experience that gets things done. We’ve never met, but see eye to eye on 100% issues. Without hesitation, urge folks to re-send Rep. Greg Smith back to Salem to continue the good fight for the citizens of eastern Oregon.

State Representative, 58th district

  • This one is easy. Rep. Greg Barreto all the way. When I was planning on running last year he came up to Forest Grove. Since then he’s served as a great mentor. He and his better half, Chris Barreto, have hosted numerous BBQ’s, dinners and meet and greets for all of us running and it’s empowering to see that kind of involvement and support. Barreto is down to earth. An inventor. His machines are often found on construction sites. A fierce champion on rural issues, eastern Oregon’s Pendleton, La Grande areas are well served with Barreto and urging a resounding vote in his favor.

State Representative, 59th district

  • Another easy one. Rep. Daniel Bonham represents parts of The Dalles and down to Madras. A small business owner, Bonham and I have met numerous times on the campaign trail for meetings and trainings. The guy is a stud. Funny. Smart. Caring about rural issues and holding government accountable in Salem.

State Representative, 60th district

  • I met Rep. Lynn Findley a while back at a candidates meet and greet in Salem. Findley represents the far eastern edges of Oregon in Baker City, Vale, Ontario areas. He’s running uncontested as I expected. Mostly because he knows everyone out this way, cares about the area, and without hesitation urging folks to send Rep. Lynn Findley back to Salem to continue to fight for rural issues.

Now all of this being said, Republicans badly need to tip the scales back and ensure Democrats don’t get a Super Majority with unchecked powers to tax us all to death. It’s already happening. In fact, look at the ballots. So next, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on State Senate, and some County Commission seats you’ve all been asking.

–> More to follow…

  • I like Chuck Riley. He’s a nice guy and we both actually served together when I was Committee Administrator of the House Committee on Veterans & Emergency Services (‘09). He’s a computer programmer by trade and an Air Force veteran and you’d think that alone I’d be voting for him, and probably would. But if you’ve met Alexander Flores you’ll see why not. A former high school drop-out, Flores worked his way up. He knows challenges and can relate to many, many in the district. Know who invited me to the M&M Swap Meet to pass out back-to-school backpacks, supplies? Flores. But the real gold is his core volunteers are all young people under 20. That amazes me that he can attract young people to care so much about local elections. Again, I like both Riley and Flores, but based on what I’ve seen so far on the campaign trail I absolutely love the energy coming out of the Flores campaign. If he can rally that through Nov 6th and on, I think it will inspire a new generation to become excited in our civics. Something that’s been gutted in our high schools. Something we absolutely need.