Watch: Death of a Nation Prescreening

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HILLSBORO, Ore. - This evening David Molina, and several candidates for public office joined other Washington County Republicans in a packed theater room to watch the much anticipated documentary of the year, Death of a Nation. The documentary drew historical parallels, from Germany to America’s civil war under President Lincoln. If you are a history buff, live in America and wondering what the difference is between capitalism, socialism, liberalism and what all these ANTIFA protests are about, then you should watch this film and be prepared to have your assumptions blown away. If you’re on the fence, see these amazing #walkaway testimonials, and then go watch it.

“An excellent distilled summary of what is happening in our country right now that is not being objectively written about in the majority of newspapers and TV outlets,” said David Molina. “As parents and role models we need to ensure all freedom loving Americans and especially new immigrants who have just raised their right hand watch this film. America is an amazing and beautiful place and the slippery slope towards socialism, and One-Party Democratic Rule where the biggest cities in the state call the shots for everyone else is a dangerous approach that is contrary to the country’s founding principles.”

Get showtimes and tickets at the link below to watch on the big screen.

Showtimes and tickets

The prescreening event was organized by the Washington County Republicans. If you live in Washington County and would like to join the Republican Party, become a PCP and get events to your inbox, click the link below to find out more.

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