"Oregon Right to Life PAC is proud to endorse David Molina for HD 29. We need more pro-life advocates like David in the Oregon Legislature who will protect innocent life, whether born or unborn." -Lois Anderson, Oregon Right to Life Executive Director

Oregon Right to Life PAC endorses David Molina for HD-29

"Mr. Molina, I look forward to replacing that Mr. with Representative Molina. I was very impressed with your background, business owner, veteran, OSU grad, and the willingness to run as a Republican. It would be my honor to be included with those endorsing you, and you have my best wishes and prayers for a most successful campaign. PS: While a resident of Forest Grove I was the Crawford in Waltz Sheridan Crawford Insurance." -Doug Crawford

"David served his country with honor. I've seen firsthand how hard he works to help returning vets transition into the workforce and become the backbone of our community. Oregon desperately needs new common-sense voices like his in the Capitol." -Nathan Dahlin

“Oregon government has been governed by unions, large corporations and lobbyists for decades. David Molina has the opportunity to be a voice for the forgotten and productive individuals in our state. Let’s support a candidate that will listen and value all Oregonians, not just those politically connected”. -Manuel Castañeda, small business owner

Commissioner Bob Terry, Washington County

Submit your endorsement: david@molinafororegon.com