Frequently Asked Questions

As a candidate I'm asked questions from every interest group, organization you can imagine. I've completed dozens. So you know where I stand, I've freely put these up so there is no confusion. I've taken the liberty to make available a downloadable link below so that you can see my answers on the internet. As a Republic, I believe it's the right thing to do and tell voters where you stand. This includes filling out surveys as time permits. Thanks again for taking time and learning more about my positions. *work in progress*

Abigail Adams Voter Education Project / Oregon Family Council


Do you support a process for impeachment of Oregon executive branch officials by state legislators? Yes, absolutely. Accountability is key to building trust with the voter.

Community Standards

Factoring concerns about censoring free speech and expression, do you support or oppose zoning laws allowing local governments to prohibit adult businesses from locating near residential neighborhoods, schools, or day care facilities? Support. Location, location, location. Oregon Family Council


Do you believe the U.S. Constitution supports the inclusion of Sharia Law? No, not by a long shot.

Do you believe the U.S. Constitution supports a limited Convention of States to address a specified subject? Yes, many Americans worry about the ever-increasing size, scope, and reach of the federal government.


Do you support developing court programs as an alternatives to incarceration for certain non-violent offenders? No, drug dealers need to be locked up. Responsible for killing-by-other-means, they should be locked up.

Do you support mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent drug offenders? Yes, drug dealers need to be locked up. Responsible for killing-by-other-means, they should be locked up.

In recent years efforts have been made to crack down on human trafficking in Oregon. Bills have been introduced to make harsher penalties for persons who patronize a trafficked child under the age of 18. Would you support or oppose enhanced penalties for the crime of trafficking if the victim is a minor? Support. Again, another no-brainer. Make it so harsh, these individuals wished they never lived. Oregon Family Council

Measure 11 in Oregon when passed created mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain violent crimes. A judge cannot give a lesser sentence, nor can a prisoner’s sentence be reduced for good behavior or be paroled prior to serving the minimum sentence. There are those that believe Measure 11 hinders a judge’s ability to account for particular situations at sentencing and that teen offenders are automatically tried as adults. Do you support or oppose mandatory minimum sentences for violent crimes against persons? Support. Key word here is violent. Oregon Family Council

Senate Bill 1562 (2018) is a bill aimed at domestic abusers. It expands the definition of strangulation and increases strangulation from a misdemeanor to a Class C felony if the victim is a family or household member. Do you support or oppose enhanced penalties for domestic abusers? Support. Another no-brainer. Oregon Family Council


Do you support an Oregon Constitutional amendment to create a fair statewide process to appoint the Superintendent of Public Instruction? No, less bureaucrats and more control at the local level.

Do you support repealing the Oregon Department of Education's decision to require use of the Common Core State Standards? Yes, Common Core State Standards are bogus for the vast majority. Bottom 43-47th in the nation is telling.

Do you support a rigorous testing curriculum as a means for teaching? Yes, I support a rigorous hands-on curriculum as a means of teaching.

Do you support giving local school districts the authority to determine what is best for their particular schools to increase attendance and improve graduation rates? Yes, another no-brainer.

Do you believe that gender identity instruction is appropriate for grades K-3? No. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Do you support conventions held to instruct on sexual options and activities between all types of individuals for middle and high school students? No, redirect all those funds to vocational training and get middle and high school students out learning tangible skills faster.

The new federal tax law now allows spending funds from 529 college saving accounts on K-12 private school tuition (up to $10,000 annually). Additionally, Oregon law allows tax filers to deduct up to $4,660 of contributions to 529 accounts from their state taxes. Oregon House Bill 4080 would remove the $4,660 state tax deduction if funds from a 529 savings account are used for K-12 private school tuition. Do you support or oppose state tax deductions for funds used from 529 savings accounts for private K-12 school tuition? Support. Who's money is it? The people's or the government? HB 4080 is a slap in the face of every parent. Oregon Family Council

Many schools are “gun free zones”. In recent years, there has been a number of incidents where a perpetrator has initiated violence in a school with a firearm leading to injury and loss of life. Do you support or oppose arming licensed and trained security personnel at local schools to protect children? Support. What we have in place today, "gun free zones" has clearly not deterred people. Plan B, anyone? Oregon Family Council

Educational Savings Accounts or ESA’s are tax-advantaged investment accounts designed to cover future education expenses from elementary through college, such as tuition, books, and uniforms. Do you support or oppose Educational Savings Accounts that allow parents to use a percentage of their tax dollars for the best educational choice for their child? Support. This is a no-brainer. Our children are our country's greatest investment. Time we start acting like it. Oregon Family Council


Do you support any method of directly electing the president by popular vote? No, due to its size, I'd hate for Oregon to be controlled by Calif., New York voters.

Do you support a primary election where all voters vote to determine the top two candidates regardless of their party affiliation? No, actually maybe. I'd have to learn a bit more and how this would help the working class men and women of H-29.

Do you support the regulation of indirect campaign contributions from corporations and unions? Yes, I think so.

Emergency Management

Do you support sections 1021 and 1022 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act allowing the U.S. Military to arrest and detain ANY "suspected" terrorist without trial, legal counsel, or accusation of wrongdoing? Yes, better safe, than sorry.

Do you support restricting the "emergency clause" in legislation as true emergencies? Yes, too many folks are abusing this and avoiding the voter.

Forest Management

Do you believe better forest management would have significantly reduced the number of acres that burned in Oregon last summer? Yes, this is a no-brainer. We have graduates who've studied this coming out of OSU. I trust them before I trust penchant politicians.


Currently, state and federal law allow Native American tribes to build and operate one casino, provided that casino is within the boundaries of clearly and historically established tribal land. Various agencies and elected officials are considering a proposed casino off tribal lands. Do you support or oppose the expansion of current state and/or federal law to allow for off-reservation or independent casinos in Oregon? Oppose. What's wrong with letting Indians have their own casinos? Oregon Family Council

Health Care

Do you support a single-payer health insurance system? No.

Do you support increasing insurance premiums to cover elective treatments? No, would need to know more, but temporary no.

Do you support market-based health care system with Health Savings Accounts that allow Oregonians to control their own medical care? Yes, anything that puts more control in the hands of Oregonians.

Land Use

Do you support returning Oregon land under control of the federal government to Oregon? (Federal government controls 60% of Oregon's land.) Yes, absolutely. Should have been done a long time ago.

How would you ensure the land-use rights of rural Oregon and how would you protect their ability to farm and ranch? Put the control in their hands.

Life Decisions

Will you support legislation and vote to restore legal protection to unborn babies? Yes, from conception to birth... we must standup for the voiceless.

Do you support making abortion illegal after 20 weeks when the fetus feels pain? Yes, in the same that's illegal from shooting innocent people from the 20th story.

If Roe v. Wade was overturned, would you support or oppose a law in Oregon restricting abortion with exceptions only for rape, incest and the life of the mother? Support. Publically funded abortions have to stop. If you need it, pay for it. Need to stop mandating everyone pay for it. Oregon Family Council

The Reproductive Health Equity Act, HB 3391, was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Gov. Kate Brown in 2017. This law requires health insurers to provide birth control and abortion without charging a co-pay or deductible. It also dedicates state funds to provide reproductive health care to noncitizens excluded from Medicaid. Do you support or oppose the Reproductive Health Equity Act abortion requirements? Oppose. Key word here is, "dedicate state funds." Oregon Family Council

Organizations that use public funds to provide abortions such as Planned Parenthood have recently come under national scrutiny and raised awareness over whether public dollars should be used to fund abortions. Do you support or oppose the use of state tax dollars for abortion? Oppose. Doesn't Planned Parenthood have private donors? Oregon Family Council

HB 2758, passed in the 2015 Oregon legislative session, made it possible for a minor who is an enrollee on a health insurance plan to receive “health services” (such as abortion, STD treatment, and treatment of sports injuries) using their parents’ health insurance without their knowledge or consent. Do you support or oppose HB 2758 in Oregon allowing minors to receive “health services” on their parents’ insurance without notifying a parent or guardian of services provided? Oppose. Who's paying for it? The parents or the minor? Oregon Family Council

House Bill 4135 (2018) makes adjustments to the statutory advance directive form found in ORS 127.53 addressing people’s end of life decisions. Under current Oregon law, a healthcare representative does not have the authority to make a life ending decision for an incapable person unless the representative has been given authority to do so, or the incapable person is in one of the four end of life situations defined in statute. Under HB 4135 a person that appoints a healthcare representative but makes no formalized decisions regarding end of life care would be granting his or her healthcare representative the power to make life ending decisions for the principal even if this is not the will of the principal. Do you support or oppose HB 4135 and the changes to the advance directive rules? Oppose. Give life a chance for Pete's sake! Oregon Family Council

Public Employees Retirement System

Do you support selling state property to fund the deficit in PERS? Yes, without a doubt. The state shouldn't own property. It belongs to the people.

Religious Liberties

Do you support the First Amendment rights of business owners to run their business in accordance with their religious beliefs? Yes, just ask those bakers and how much it cost them.

In recent years the list of protected classes in Oregon has expanded to include sexual orientation. Homosexual behavior runs contrary to the deeply held beliefs of many major religions. Do you support or oppose including religious protections in legislation to protect the religious liberties of churches and other religious non-profit organizations in hiring practices? Support. Churches and other religious non-profit organizations hire who they believe is best qualified. Not government. Oregon Family Council

The federal Department of Health and Human Services under the previous presidential administration pushed to institute laws that would require religious organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control, sterilizations, and the morning after pill. Would you support or oppose a law in Oregon that requires religious organizations to offer birth control, sterilizations, and the morning after pill to their employees? Oppose. What's with requiring religious organizations? If you need it, buy it. We need to stop mandating everything. Oregon Family Council

Bakery owners in Gresham declined to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding ceremony because of their religious beliefs. A complaint was filed by the same-sex couple with BOLI. As a result, the bakery closed and was fined $135,000 by BOLI for declining to participate in a same-sex wedding ceremony. Do you support or oppose legislation that would protect a person with deeply held religious beliefs from forced participation in a ceremony against their conscience? Support. It's called the right to reserve service. Oregon Family Council


Do you support the repeal of Oregon's sanctuary state law? Yes, either folks are here on visas, passports,work permits, naturalized citizens or citizens-- either way everyone is accounted for.

Second Amendment

Do you support registration for all privately owned guns? No, in the same way we don't register machetes, knives and chainsaws.

Do you believe more laws are an effective response to gun violence? No, not by a long shot. Just ask the people of the five major U.S. murder capitals of our country.

Do you support a sheriff's authority to determine which firearm regulations violate the Second Amendment when categorizing priorities for enforcement? No, we don't any circumstances muddy the 2a. It's there for a reason.

If you were writing a bill on gun rights, what are the two main issues you would include? (1) Shall maintain, and keep their own, (2) Shall not be infringed by any elected officials.

Tax/Economic Policy

Do you support state government taking a more active role in private business? No. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Do you support providing tax incentives to businesses for the purpose of job creation? Yes. We need to focus more on companies with 50 employees or less.

Do you support green urban renewal projects backed by public funds? No, return any excess public funds back to the people, the working class. Let them invest it however they want.

Do you support limiting the sale of Oregon farm land to only U.S. citizens? (over 2% is currently owned by foreign countries) Yes, keep it in the family.

Do you support small business mining in rural Oregon? Yes, better in Oregon rural than in Idaho. Keep those payroll taxes, etc coming.

Do you support reclassifying hydropower as a renewable resource? Yes, should have been done a long time ago.

Do you subscribe to the theory that Oregon's human activity has an impact on carbon emissions affecting global warming? No, I highly doubt all the activities from Forest Grove to Pendleton are causing any issues.

Do you subscribe to the theory that geoengineering used for weather control is killing ecosystems and forests and increasing fire hazards? Yes, we need to stop this.

Do you support increased regulations on the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) industry? No, if it means lower energy monthly bills to surrounding folks.

Do you support requiring all Oregon employers to use the federal E-Verify system to determine the employee's work eligibility status? No, businesses already are overburdened by regulations--less is more.

Do you support transitioning Oregon to a "Right-to-Work" state in which joining a union would be optional? Yes, everything is optional. This isn't a socialist or communist state where government should mandate anything.

How do you weigh environmental protections when it has a negative impact on human survival? So long as it doesn't go overboard and stifle small business growth, and stalls the economy.

Do you support a sales tax in Oregon? No, partial, only if we moved to a zero percent personal income tax.

Recent discussions of Oregon’s tax policy have included many comments on the tax kicker. In recent years efforts have been made to eliminate the personal tax kicker for certain Oregonians. Do you support or oppose Oregon’s existing law that requires the state to return over-collected taxes to individual taxpayers? Support. Give the people back their money. Oregon Family Council

Senate Bill 1528 in the 2018 Oregon legislature was a bill focused on taxes for small businesses in the state. Proponents of SB 1528 say their support is about fairness to fund services and those that oppose the bill say it is an unfair 30% tax on small businesses. Do you support or oppose tax increases included in Senate Bill 1528? Oppose. Stop taxing small businesses to pay for mismanagement. Oregon Family Council

Current Oregon law requires a 3/5th majority vote in the legislature to levy/increase taxes. Initiative 31 seeks to amend the constitution to expand the 3/5th majority vote requirement in the legislature to include (beyond taxes) fees and changes to tax exemptions, deductions, and credits. Do you support or oppose this initiative and the expansion of the 3/5th majority requirement? Support. Penchant politicians need to live within their means. Oregon Family Council

In a current case called Janus v. AFSCME, the U.S. Supreme Court will rule whether mandatory union fees in the public sector are constitutional. Taking into account free speech and rights of association, do you support or oppose requirements that public employees pay mandatory union fees as a condition of employment? Oppose. No Oregonian should be forced to pay anything. They should have the right to choose freely. Oregon Family Council


Do you support Oregon taking full financial responsibility for constructing a new bridge over the Columbia River? No, unless, this tied into other forms of paying for it to include drivers.

Do you support additional increases in fuel taxes for infrastructure repairs still unfunded? No, funds should come from [shrinking] a bloated government to direct funds to roads and bridge repairs.

Do you support expanding traffic enforcement cameras to the entire state? No.


Do you support an Oregon Constitutional amendment to require proof of U.S. citizenship to register to vote in Oregon? Yes, we need to make sure everyone that can vote, has option to vote, and everyone else no.