Preserving the 2A

Preserving our God-given right to protect and defend ourselves against all enemies foreign and domestic which is enshrined in our U.S. Constitution, and which shall not be infringed is being attacked by both sides of the aisle. I will stand up for the 2A where my opponent has idly remained quiet. —David

I believe:

  • Lower the age to purchase a firearm and take the concealed carry to 18 years of age for qualified Oregonians. I believe 18-20 year olds have the same constitutional rights as all citizens. This is especially true if we’re asking our young men and women to serve in uniform, train for war, but can’t conceal carry when they are home in their communities.

  • Eliminate Gun-Free School Zones. These signs are a magnet for bad people who want to inflict harm on our children that attend public schools. On that note, ensure authorized concealed carry holders and school personnel can bring their firearm onto the school. And, finally post signs that say, “This school is protected by concerned citizens. We will protect our children at all costs.”

  • School-based gun safety and marksmanship class and field training for elementary, middle school and high school students. Oregonian students shouldn’t have to wait until they grow up to safely use, load and unload a pistol or rifle. This should be taught in our schools.

  • Amend the Oregon Constitution that no city or county jurisdiction can limit 2A rights, and improve our firearm laws to benefit law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen in Oregon.

  • Make concealed carry the law of the state. We should expand concealed carry so more Oregonians will be armed, and ensure any attacks can be stopped by a good guy/ gal with a firearm.

  • Require Oregon to recognize out-of-state carry licenses held by non- residents. This already has the expressed support of the Oregon Sheriff’s Association.

  • Eliminate hunting permits and fees for active-duty, guard & reserve and veterans. These brave Oregonians have put in more of their fair share. These good will policies should be year-around and not just around Veteran’s Day.

  • We should lower the barrier to entry for Oregonians to hunt. Hunting is a valuable tool for wildlife management, a positive use of natural resources, and an American tradition that teaches young people responsibility and respect for the outdoors. This starts with eliminating the minimum hunting age.

“David, you have our endorsement by the way.” —Kevin Starrett, Oregon Firearms Federation

Oregon’s only no compromise gun rights organization, Oregon Firearms Federation, gives political newcomer David Molina, candidate for House District 29, a B+ grade based on submitted Q&A.

Oregon Gun Owners endorses David Molina to represent House District 29 in the Oregon Legislature.

If you’d like to see David represent us in Salem to fight on the people’s behalf, donate whatever you can afford today.

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