Ballot Measures

Bottomline, I will be voting no on 102, and yes this November on all other ballot measures. Below are my thoughts, and how I personally came to each individual conclusion.

Measure 102

Official description: allows cities and counties to use bonds to fund privately owned affordable housing.

While Western Washington County, Portland-metro, and frankly the state has a housing shortage changing the state constitution with a flawed measure is a nonstarter. This measure does not define what counts as affordable housing. Don't believe me? The latest apartments that just went live in Forest Grove are going for $1,500. Bonds already create a hardship on low income folks in our communities. Finally, the original constitutional clause is a barrier to corruption that prevents public officials from diverting tax dollars to their cronies in the private sector. See the writing? Join me in voting no and sending this measure back to the state legislature to fix. Learn more.

Measure 103

Official description: bans taxes on groceries.

Liberal Democrats want to tax your groceries, beverages and if they could, the air you and I breathe. They think our weekly grocery bill is low and we can afford to pay more for groceries. Makes no sense. But here we are. A yes vote will ensure they cannot tax, and thereby increase the cost of groceries for Oregonians. This is a no-brainer, but it needs repeating. Join me in voting yes to stop taxes on our groceries because groceries, frankly, already eats up a good portion of what we bring in. Learn more.

Measure 104

Official description: defines raising revenue for the three-fifths vote requirement for bills raising revenue.

These very same Liberal Democrats are very sneaky and have found numerous loopholes to raise taxes, permits and licenses on we the people. Don't believe me? Ask your employer or friends on the Oregon coast or southern Oregon about the payroll transit tax. This measure will stop these greedy career politicians from raising taxes to fund their pork projects. Unless of course Democrats have super majorities in both the Oregon Senate and the House, then there's no stopping them. Join me in voting yes to at least attempt to stop them. Learn more.

Measure 105

Official description: repeals law forbidding state resources from being used to apprehend persons violating federal immigration laws.

This measure fixes a loophole between local law enforcement agencies and federal agencies so that when someone, anyone, is booked and charged for a high crime, and they cannot for whatever reason provide proof of identification, these state agencies can coordinate with other law enforcement agencies to identify that individual. They could be wanted in another state, another country. Would you want to release them into your neighborhood? This measure is simple: its about safety, and security. The only people interested in ensuring state sanctuary status is the criminal justice system that benefits from catch-and-release, criminal elements, and those who don't want safe neighborhoods. Join me in voting yes so our local law enforcement officers can do their job, and the rest of us who honorably work for a living can continue to enjoy safe neighborhoods. Learn more.

Measure 106

Official description: prohibits public funds from being spent on abortions.

An abortion is cutting the life of an innocent child before they've had a chance to live out their God given potential. To that end, government, and the rest of us should not be involved in paying for abortions in the same way government doesn't pay for ammunition for Oregonians to use however they please. If you believe in family values and where life begins at conception, join me in voting yes, and putting individual responsibility and life first. Learn more.

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