Lower Taxes

My opponent, a 20+ year career politician and her Liberal Democrat friends in the legislature want more of your hard earned tax dollars. This should not come as a surprise. I do not. I believe we are already taxed enough and cannot stand for more, and in fact we should start the expeditious and rapid decline of taxes so that our elderly & retirees can stay in their homes, young people can start their careers quicker, and family-owned businesses can stay in business. —David

I believe:

  • We should lower the personal income tax to 0 (under $250k taxable income) to 4.5 percent (over $250k taxable income). Unlike my opponent, I believe in lowering the personal income tax to be competitive with neighboring states, including Washington and Idaho, and ensure families have more at the end of the month to feed their families.

  • Liberal Democrats have mismanaged Oregon government over the past 30-years to something so unrecognizable, unwieldy, over bloated and a magnet for cronyism. Oregon state government should be reduced by 50 percent and privatized, including DMV. There’s no reason why in the 21st century we cannot renew our tabs, transfer titles and update our addresses with a few clicks on the internet and print our records from a local FedEx Kinkos or UPS store. This goes for hundreds of agencies and commissions, hundreds which have outlived their purpose.

  • Eliminate METRO. Any duplication of government services, both local/county governmental and state, should be eliminated. METRO has been a massive waste of tax-payer money, and drain on the PERS multibillion dollar unfunded liability. It should never have been created.

  • The number one reason small businesses fail in their first three-years of business is because of burdensome red tape and bureaucratic regulations coming out of Salem. We should waive a new business owner’s personal income tax for the first three-years so that they can invest their dollars into buying equipment and material, ramp up their marketing, and find customers.

  • New college graduates face enough hurdles, from egregious tuition hikes during their studies to getting their careers and lives started after. We should waive personal income taxes for the three-years after graduation so that these graduates can start paying their student loans, settle into their careers, starting a family, and place to live.

  • Eliminate tenure and pensions for Supreme Court Justices, the Governor and Legislators. An high-ranking elected official should only collect a salary while in office and no pay when they’re out of office. Also, PERS contracts for elected officials should be cancelled past and present effective immediately. Oregonians and their future children did not make these contracts.

  • Term limits for state elected officials. Lack of fresh new voices in public office is damaging short and long-term. No legislator should be in office past 2-terms. Nothing good comes from the same people hearing themselves talk for years and years.

  • Kill the revolving door. Ban state legislators from becoming lobbyists who then lobby state legislators. This airtight setup prevents good citizens from raising their concerns with their representatives/ senators because its the lobbyists who have the ears of elected officials.

  • Property taxes is a mess. And, unsustainable. Too many of our retirees and elderly are losing their homes to government. We must eliminate property taxes for retirees and the elderly. There’s no reason we should be requiring these folks the difficult choice to choose between keeping their homes or paying for medicine. Too many are losing their homes and it’s a travesty. We should grandfather these individuals in at the property tax when they hit 55 retroactive, and stop it from going up.

  • An upfront SDC charge for builders to build is insane. In Portland-metro its north of $45,000 before a builder even digs. You guessed it. This government fee is then added on top of the price of the home making housing that much more expensive. Instead, SDC charges should be spread across the homeowners 30-year thus minimizing the impact upfront.

"David Molina is exactly what our district needs. A champion for the working class in Forest Grove, Cornelius and Hillsboro to represent us in Salem." -Christiana Mayer, wife of Adam Mayer, former State Chair, Libertarian Party

If you’d like to see David represent us in Salem to fight on the people’s behalf, donate whatever you can afford today.

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