No Tolling

My opponent, a 20+ year career politician has said all options are on the table on tolls. She's out of touch on this issue. I will vote at every turn to kill tolling on highway 26, I-5 and Oregon's highways. Tolling is no good and once implemented by Portland's Liberal Democrats it will never go away. Ever. The cronyism will be worst and those who work from paycheck to paycheck will suffer. I repeat, tolls are not welcome on our highways, and I would hope voters in Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro agree with me. —David

I believe:

  • Ban tolling statewide. I will work with anti-tolling legislators and other stakeholders to ensure Portland cannot unilaterally implement tolling without the consent of 2/3 majority Oregonians. I believe $15 tolls roundtrip to Portland for work or pleasure is a slap in the face of all the hardworking folks of District 29 who work for a living. We shouldn’t toll into Portland, to ski at Mt Hood or Mt. Bachelor, visit OMSI, or visit our beaches. Ever.

  • Expand the Cornelius Pass to provide western Washington County businesses and commuters access to Portland/ Vancouver markets without clogging the tunnel. Expanding this pass will provide truckers and commuters an expedited route for work and deliver their goods. This will alleviate 26 traffic.

  • Eliminate the government’s costly fleet expense. It’s the 21st century, and state employees should be able to use Skype, Zoom or other video sharing capabilities to get on the same sheet of music. If an state employee needs to go from point A to point B, they can Uber or Lyft there and make those routes transparent for Oregonians to see the expenditure.

  • Privatize ODOT’s construction crews to owner/ operator contractors to build, and maintain Oregon’s roads, and landscaping. These contracts should be small business set-aside contracts. ODOT should be limited to inspectors, procurement officers, and not just one of the state’s largest general contractors. Government does not equal the private sector.

"The Washington County Business Council would like to give you our endorsement in the upcoming election. Best wishes on the campaign." -The WCBC Endorsement Committee

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