Preserving Our Promise

Preserving our Promise

Oregon should be first in the nation in protecting and providing for our veterans. Veterans and their families have made great sacrifices and we owe it to them and their families to ensure rewarding career opportunities while serving as citizen-soldiers and outstanding transition services for those exiting active-duty and moving to Oregon.

Former Captain Molina served our great country as a citizen-soldier, both enlisted and officer, at the 364th Civil Affairs Brigade, 104th Division and on active-duty for 36 months. He will fight back and protect veterans where triple PERS pensioner Susan McLain has failed.

In 2016, the voters voted 84/16 to devote 1.5% of the lottery fund to support veterans. This past year, one-party Democratic rule and Governor Kate Brown slashed the funding that Oregon voters just approved. Our veterans deserve better. I’ll stand strong for those who served our country and their families.

Expanding Job Training and Education for Veterans

After leaving the military, I was shocked to find out that I would be excluded from computer coding schools due to the limitations of the GI Bill.

I not only taught myself how to code,but have also been a champion for expanding access to career and technical programs so that other service men and women don’t have to face the same hurdles I did.

Veterans need good jobs in lucrative industries to support their families and it is unfair to exclude them from great opportunities in technology-driven fields.

Creating A Veterans Trust Fund

It was disappointing to see our government take away essential funding for veterans after voters approved it. I want to establish a Veterans Trust Fund that ensures resources intended for veterans cannot be misused or misdirected in the future. Our veterans shouldn’t have to suffer just because politicians don’t know how to control their spending. This Veterans Trust Fund will ensure veterans are provided their earned benefits.

Homeless Veterans

Homelessness is a serious issue and a black mark on Oregon’s 30-year failed leadership. Out-of-control spending, taxes and burdensome regulations for businesses have made it all but impossible to direct resources where it’s most needed—right before a veteran is losing their home. Oregon must lead the way in providing more economic opportunities for veterans to sustain themselves, and when they’ve lost their home, opportunities to regain their foothold so that they can build their credit, save for a downpayment and purchase a place they can call home and build equity for their future. This doesn’t start with growing state agencies or another agency, but in doubling down on non-profits who already do this work across our great state.

Economic Opportunities

Salem’s failed leadership has resulted in stagnant contracting opportunities for the men and women who’ve served a grateful nation. While Oregon provides certifications for service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses, Oregonian veterans are still not guaranteed contracting opportunities to build Oregon’s future. This in no way builds capacity of these small and emerging businesses. I’ll stand strong for set percent quarterly and annual goals and when agencies fail to meet this quarterly and annual goal, agency heads will be held to account.

If you’d like to see David represent us in Salem to fight on the people’s behalf, donate whatever you can afford today.