Interview: Lars Larson, interviews political newcomer and outsider, David Molina who’s vying to unseat a career politician and represent Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro as State Representative

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About to go on the radio with Lars Larson here at the Reagan Dinner

DAVID MOLINA FOR OREGON CAMPAIGN Thursday, September 20, 2018

HILLSBORO, Ore. – Today, Portland-based, Lars Larson Show, an honestly provocative radio station in America interviewed political newcomer and outsider David Molina who’s vying to represent Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro. The interview took place in Beaverton as part of the Reagan Dinner, a fundraiser for the Washington County GOP. The interview was live recorded, and transcript is below.

The interview lasted just over nine minutes. Enjoy.

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Lars Larson: Sitting in front of me is the young man who would like to take Susan McLain’s position, he’s running for House District 29, he is a veteran, he is a business owner, he is the founder of Operation Code, and we’ve met before. David it’s good to see you again.

David Molina: Thank you for the opportunity, it’s great to see you again too.

Lars Larson: So, why do you want to get into the legislature and if you get in and you replace Susan McLain and I hope you do, what do you plan to get done for the people of your district?

David Molina: Well I’m really passionate about a number of issues, but the number one thing is leadership. We need to represent the people of Western Washington County. Right now what we have out in Western Washington County is we have a Tina Kotek clicker—someone that tows a line for a liberal in the north area of Portland and when she says ‘vote left vote right, yes or no’ that’s where we’re voting, so we actually don’t have representation out in Western Washington County. We have no one standing up to the far left, not only in Salem but in Portland, on the egregious assault on all of us in terms of tolling—tolling 26, tolling I-5, it is just ridiculous. We have—she must have never read the U.S. Constitution, we actually have a God-given right to protect ourselves against government encroachment and to protect ourselves in terms of self-defense, and she has done nothing and zero about it. And it just amazes me, it escapes me how she doesn’t do more for small businesses. She did nothing when Governor Brown did an assault on small businesses, when Trump passed the tax cuts for all of us in his latest and she did zero, she was AWOL on that whole conversation. I get her brochures about how she loves veterans and that she’s doing all she can and she is flanked by National Guardsmen and yet she did zero when Governor Brown assaulted and depleted the funding—what we voted on as Oregonians, for vets in terms of a 1.5% from the Oregon lotto. So, the whole thing just escapes me. We have no representation in Western Washington County. So all that being said Lars, you know, the first thing I’m really interested in doing when I get down there is we have to cut the government spending. We have to privatize some areas of government, DMV, what takes seven weeks the DMV here—

Lars Larson: Oh God I love you David, God love ya

David Molina: It takes seven minutes in Washington state, I know this because I sold one of my dump trucks out there and it took like seven minutes. Something that takes seven weeks in Oregon took seven minutes in Washington state, Lars, and it just escapes me how—

Lars Larson: Hold on—the comparison is, you go into buy a dump truck, you gotta do all the paperwork.

David Molina: yeah

Lars Larson: It took how long in Washington state?

David Molina: Seven minutes, to sell it, you know offload it, had a check from the other guy, he got his new title, it took seven minutes, literally when we got in line, from the process we hit the front desk to the time we got the new title—the whole transaction of the vehicle process, seven minutes.

Lars Larson: And in Oregon?

David Molina: It took seven weeks.

Lars Larson: Seven weeks?!

David Molina: Yeah.

Lars Larson: Why? Did they have any explanation? I know you, I know you’re a curious guy, you ask why.

David Molina: I asked myself why, I said, “why can’t we access an app, why can’t we access this information, why can’t we update our tabs, on an app, by, you know, DMV or private sector. And why can’t we just get this at FedEX Kinkos or go to the nearest print shop and print the stuff so that everybody can be happy and everybody can get what they need—can you believe commerce running that much faster? I mean, the private sector is already running like this so we definitively need to cut half of what’s going on in Oregon, we have so much overlap in government. What was once healthcare now is like two massive bureaucracies, that don’t really talk to each other. Kids and foster children are being lost and there’s been an assault on foster children, I got their endorsement, cause I grew up with a lot of foster kids. Mount Vernon, Washington is not too far from here, it’s up north in Seattle, and you grow up with foster kids and they’re just like the rest of us but in our case in Oregon there’s just no funding going for them there’s no respect for them, and they’re just like, you know, orphan children, just “hey, you’re on your own.” So there’s a number of things I want to attack but as I speak and talk to different people, you know we have to attack this sort of issue of spending. Once you address the issue of spending and state and sort of privatize and really get everybody in their own lanes, and some coordination and give people some freedom and relaxation, I think we have to go after the personal income tax. We have to lower the personal income tax. We have too many folks in the district who are retirees, who are veterans, who are fixed income, especially older folks in the district. I meet a lot of them in trailer homes, apartments, and they just can’t afford the rising cost that’s happening under Susan McLain and Tina Kotek and it’s just got to stop so, you know personal income tax down to 4.5% versus what they’re advocating for is a 12.5, it’s gotta come down Lars, there’s just no way around it. Um, you know when you start thinking about small business owners and what, the biggest challenges that I face and other small business owners face. A personal income tax waiver for the first three years when you launch a business, it is the right thing to do. Not just for small business owners, I meet landscapers, contractors, a lot of Hispanic contractors out in Cornelius, a lot of small business owners out if Forest Grove, you know wineries, everything out there, and ranchers, small farmers and so there’s just an assault on all of us. It’s gotta stop, and so I’m looking forward to going to Salem, addressing issues with spending, finding out and calling audits, I love what Secretary Richardson is doing. And it was amazing what he found out—that a hundred million dollars just unaccounted for you know Governor Brown’s, the audit, and it’s just amazing—

Lars Larson: And she was Secretary of State so in other words, he’s not asking her about something she shouldn’t already know about—she used to do his job.

David Molina: Exactly, exactly. That whole thing escapes me. You know I worked—many people don’t know this, but I worked in the state legislature as a committee administrator for the house committee on veterans and emergency services in the ’09 session. I got to work under Democrat and Speaker of the House Dave Hunt, and I got to hear both sides and it was pretty balanced, almost balanced, you know they got good legislation moving forward, there was good discussion and today there is very little good discussion coming out of Salem. Very good progress coming out of it for the people of Oregon, and so the urban/rural divide is quickly becoming more divided. Folks in urban areas are going to reap the reward when there’s tolling that they wanna do, and it’s gotta come to a stop, and so right now, I’m running to unseat a thirty-year career politician. She claims she’s a teacher, a lifelong teacher; she’s really a lifelong career politician.

Lars Larson: David, let me ask you quickly, what’s your website?

David Molina: The website is so that’s m as in Mike, o-l-i, n as in November, a as in alpha, for f-o-r spelled out,

Lars Larson: One tough one for ya. Measure 105, how ya gonna vote?

David Molina: I’ve said this since uh I’ve been uh you know on the campaign trail, and it’s a real simple one for me. Short answer is I’m voting “yes” for it, here’s the long answer: the long answer is if anyone has ever grown up in a military family, the wing commander knows exactly who’s on base, if you’re not on base and you’re not authorized on base guaranteed you’re not gonna be on that base. We are a nation of immigrants but we also have rules. I’ve been to Mexico many times um and uh you know Mexico and a lot of places in Latin America have been very slippery slope, when you know you go down there and you either, you write you bring a-a 9-mil or a Sig or whatever, they’re going to find out who you are, they’re going to quickly throw you in jail, and there’s gonna be no sanctuary status for Americans. Everybody’s treated equally and I’ll tell you what, in Mexico, Mexicans are treated far more superior sometimes than Americans and I go down there, and it’s not like they treat me like a Mexican, they treat me like American, because I have an American passport. So it’s high time that here in the U.S., we all follow the rule of law and there’s a number of people in the district, a lot of Hispanics, and I find this with the sheriff’s really interesting, the whole thing revolves around money, in my opinion, and this revolves around money, right? But the bigger piece is, and this is nothing to do with being anti-immigrant, this has nothing to do with being anti-diverse, this has to do with—and you know by the way people ask me all the time on the streets, “you know you gotta vote no on 105” I go “what for?” “because you get pulled over, there’s gonna be discrimination like there was forty years ago.”

Lars Larson: You have a driver’s license!

David Molina: I go, “Dude, everybody has a driver’s license!” right? And the deal is, you get pulled over, they’re not going to call ICE, because of a misdemeanor, an infraction, they’re gonna call ICE wh—gues what? When you’re in for rape, when you’re in for heroin, doesn’t matter where you were born, they’re just gonna call the authorities, and in this case, if you don’t have an ID, if you don’t have passports or ID or identification, and this all has to do with taking care of our people, it’s about the rule of law. Washington County is a safe area to raise your families. We have to make sure it stays safe into the generation of the future, and we have to make sure that anyone that does go to jail—it’s gotta be, what I look at, it’s gotta be intra-agency coordination. That’s all this is, it’s intra-agency coordination between the police, the law enforcement and, in the case of a federal crime, with ICE and it doesn’t matter if you’re Hispanic it doesn’t matter if you’re Indian, it doesn’t matter. And the many Hispanics that I’ve met that are out on the farms out in H28, guess what? They’re here on passport, they’re legal they’re visa’d they come here for six months, they work in the fields, and I ask them I said, “are you afraid of what’s happening on 105?” and he says, “no, I’m here legal, I’m here for a job for six months, and then I head back and I build my palace in Mexico.” That’s what a lot of people are doing, so the only people that I think should be afraid of 105 isn’t your far-leftwing groups, I think the ones that are most afraid of 105 voting and passing are your folks who are not here for the right reasons. They’re not here to raise a family, buy a home, start a business, run a company the legal way, raise their kids the right way. That’s all this has to do with and I was raised in that kind of family, and I’m looking forward to voting yes and ensuring that the rule of law is in place and enforced.

Lars Larson: David Molina, a veteran running in House District 29,

About to go on the radio with Lars Larson here at the Reagan Dinner

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