From Forest Grove News time to, David Molina's story is being told. A story about duty, honor, country. And, putting others first. Browse below for some media highlights.

Susan McLain discusses education in Forest Grove

"McLain is seeking re-election this fall. A Democrat, she is favored to hold her seat against Republican nominee David Molina, a businessman, U.S. Army veteran and political newcomer" / Read more

Oregon Primary Election Results

"House District 29: Susan McLain (uncontested) and David Molina (uncontested)" / Read more

"Oregon State House District 29: Susan McLain (incumbent) and David Molina (Republican nominee)" / Read more

Oregon Firearms Federation: 2018 Oregon House Primary Candidates

"29th District: Susan McLain (Grade: F) / David Molina (Grade: B+)" / Read more

Forest Grove Republican running for House District 29

"Ex-Army Captain and small-business owner David Molina hopes to challenge state Rep. Susan McLain" / Read more

Thousands of veterans want to learn to code-but can't

David Molina launched Operation Code with a single goal: modernize the outdated GI Bill so veterans can land tech jobs" / Read more

Hacking Entrepreneurship

"When you hear the word entrepreneurship, it is natural to think of venture capitalists, unicorn companies, and startup founders driven to make a profit above all else. With that in mind, you might call Operation Code an unconventional tech startup and David Molina an unconventional entrepreneur. But he and his company’s impact is reaching as far as any of the tech companies turning out billions. And their purpose is far greater as well." / Read more