Speech: House District 29 Candidate David Molina gives Beaverton Hillsboro Republican Women’s Club campaign update

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PORTLAND, Ore. – This morning, David Molina, candidate for House seat 29 encompassing Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro, gave his one-year campaign update during a luncheon before strong conservative women, elected officials, Republican PCPs, business owners, and candidates for public office, including, John Verbeek (1st Congressional District), Alexander Flores (Senate District 15), and Dorothy Merritt (House District 30).

"I'm absolutely unapologetically opposed to tolls on our highways, highway 26, I-5 and our roads... Tolling will impact those that are fixed income, retirees and small business owners like never before. It won't impact those that are wealthy, well connected and special interests. They'll find ways to get around it. New Jerseyans were promised tolls over 40 years ago for just a few years, but tolling hasn't stopped to this day."

David spoke about numerous endorsements he’s received, including the Independent Party, Oregon Gun Owners, Oregon Foster Families, and the Washington County Business Council. He spoke about the need to have a state representative responsive to the district, not someone responsive to Liberals from North Portland. David spoke about the need to fight taxes at all levels, including ever increasing property taxes.

"A gentleman in Hillsboro lives next to someone from Intel and Nike. His property taxes have continued to go up, and doesn't see how he's ever going to retire as a small business owner. We have to do more to take back Western Washington County from the Far Left who are causing this harm."

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