Endorsement: Washington County Business Council Endorses David Molina to represent Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro in the Oregon Legislature

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David Molina, Candidate for Oregon House of Representatives District 29

David Molina, Candidate for Oregon House of Representatives District 29

HILLSBORO Ore. - The Washington County Business Council, a group of pioneers and like-minded business leaders dedicated to exercising their rights to own and operate their businesses has backed David Molina to represent western Washington County in the Oregon Legislature in another blow to the 20+ year political incumbent and tax hiking Liberal.

"I know my opponent will disagree with me here, but we desperately need to lower Oregon's personal income tax to 4.5% so small business owners can keep more of what they work hard for to invest, buy new equipment and make new hires.

The fact that small business owners don’t survive past three years is still a black-eye on Oregon’s lawmakers who’ve yet to fix this systemic problem. We need to work to waive first time small business owners personal income tax so that we can close this gap. And, we need to exclude 18-year olds and first-time entrepreneurs and small business owners by waivinåg their personal income tax for the first three years to give them the best chance of surviving in these pivotal years.

Business owners are the ones who take all the risks, work 80+ hours a week, manage multiple hats, no guarantee for success, and stay up at night worried about making payroll. That needs to change. I look forward to working with the leadership of WCBC to promote political initiatives that foster healthy business, and eliminate cumbersome regulations and red tape that threaten growth and opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners,” said David Molina, candidate for state representative.

"We need to ensure the region's largest economic engine continues to thrive and be a welcome place for entrepreneurs and small business owners to build, launch or expand their businesses and that starts with sending one of our own to Salem who understands what its like to run and build businesses."

Since its establishment in 2007, the Washington County Business Council has sought to protect and promote business interests at regional and state levels. Our action-oriented alliance fights government inefficiencies and unduly restrictive legislation that inhibits the business community’s ability to thrive. To learn more about the Washington County Business Council, click here.

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