Why I'm running.

David Molina, candidate for state representative for Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro

Before I tell you why I'm running for state representative for House District 29, it's best if I tell you how I got to my decision. You see I was originally planning to run for a local position on the school board to address namely school lunches, nutrition, as well as class ratio among other things. What drew me to work on school issues were my daughters. What I saw on numerous field trips and at school was the amount of food that is tossed in the garbage. What results is tens of millions wasted. It was stunning. Imagine if your favorite diner or website service you used went majority to waste? You guessed it, they wouldn't be in business past Sunday. But that's Oregon government for you. Again, on any day I pick up my girls from school they are hungry and I usually take them to Subway or Taco Bell if I'm not cooking something from scratch at home. So when I started to explore school board positions I reached out to Washington County GOP Chair, Tracy Honl, and expressed my interest in running for school board.

That's when she informed me that the big problem facing school districts, the 800-lb gorilla in the room, is PERS reform. The fact that many retirees are taking home more per month than most folks in the district bring home per year. The fact that many are triple-dipping us Oregon taxpayers. And, that year-after-year, more of our hard earned dollar that is supposed to go to schools, fixing potholes and expanding lanes, is going to padden the wallets of the Government Haves.

Tracy convinced me that based on my many years of serving our country as both an enlisted soldier & officer, entrepreneurial and small business ventures, and founding a national veterans nonprofit dedicated to jobs of the future, that I'd be better suited if I was the state representative to work on the structural problems facing our community and state that ultimately will have a greater impact on our lives all while fixing school lunches.

It's no secret that the Salem swamp is filled by entrenched career do-nothing politicians that say a lot, but lack the political will and courage to do anything to move all of Oregon forward. Afraid to take on the hard problems facing our state because of conflict of interest, to bring innovation to how we do business, to unleash the potential of all Oregonians and entrepreneurs, to put on its head how we educate and feed our kids in public schools, to fix the growing housing shortage and expand the urban growth boundary, to hold state bureaucrats accountable on foster care problems, to bridge the urban-rural divide, to manage our state forests and revive logging work, to cut state government and outsource areas better suited in the private sector, and bottomline, ensure we keep more of what we earn to feed our families and put a roof over our heads. Entrenched tax-hungry government interests, and far-left political name recognition is what we're up against make no mistake. It's why most political newcomers never make it past the primaries, much less win in the general election.

I'm running to fight on behalf of the Working Class Have Nots. The ones who are not triple-dipping us taxpayers and bringing home $75,000 a month. The ones who refuse to take a knee, and proudly stand for our great Flag. The ones who are tired and fed up with more rules, regulations, fees and taxes coming out of Salem. The ones who work for a living and concerned about the exploding and unsustainable rise in property taxes and rent affordability. The ones who cherish life, from conception to natural death. The ones who raise their right hand and swear allegiance to the good ol' United States of America. The ones that know we cannot tax our way out of Salem government mismanagement and lack of oversight. The ones concerned about government intrusion in our daily lives. The ones concerned about rampant forest fires and effects of smoke on our families health. I'm not running for myself. I'm running for my daughters. I'm running for those who cannot run and have been shunned out of the process. I'm running to protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On October 12th, 2018 when the voters pamphlet statement hits your mailbox you will have a very clear and distinct choice: re-elect a 20+ year career do-nothing and triple-dipper PERS pensioneer politician in Susan McLain and see our taxes continue to go up, or permanently retire her while sending yours truly to Salem and begin leading where others are not.

Together, we will stand up for what is right and just for the residents and businesses of Forest Grove, Cornelius and West Hillsboro. Together, we will send a clear message to Salem: we've had enough of your one sidedness. I would be honored to have your vote come November 6th.

To life and liberty,

—David Molina, candidate for state representative